Melissa Wimberley

Hey There!

Hey There!

Thank-you for your interest in my Graphic Design career (obsession!).

I am Melissa and I am passionate about Graphic Design.

My focus has been print and digital design, and I have a particular interest in branding, editorial as well as illustration. I love working with local businesses as we join forces to produce creative brand identities as well as innovative solutions to help them grow and transform your ideas into a reality.

Loving all things design, I have a particular interest for the traditional printing styles.  The tactile and emotional feeling of when your design is printed from a 1965 Heidelberg Platen or the final product is up and running live.

 I am ready and eager to move your ideas and transform them into something wonderful. If you would like to talk business or simply have a chat, please send me through an email or give me a call; I would love to hear from you and see what we can do together.  



Contract work for Recruitment Agency Epochal

Freelance work for Tara Valley Nursery

Contract work in the Subway division for Ultraprint



Freelance work for Juno Creative

Contract work for Little Peach Co

Bachelor of Communication Design at Billy Blue College of Design

Work Experience with Little Peach Co



Work Experience with New Word Order



Contract Work with Fashion Weekly



Diploma of Graphic Design from Southbank Institute of Technology