Melissa Wimberley


Flint is all about taking time out from the modern tirade of modern notifications and notations, not only for learning,
but also for re-connection.
We at Flint aim to educate the local community, through Intellectual talks and audience responsive gatherings, held on the basis of current topical events.

At Flint we respect everyone as an individual and believe everyone has the potential to be great.
We help people discover their inner sparks can shine brighter than their phone screen.

We aim to establish a bond and friendship with our fellow Flinters thats continues beyond a number and sign up sheet. Real connections, with real people get real results and thats what we aim to achieve with our customers.


Our Mission

We would like to tell you why this will change your life.
Because you only get one.

Why not embrace every opportunity to live it offline rather than online?

Our mission is to utilise your mental capacity and divine presence to its fullest to become a better, more rounded human being.



Billy Blue College of Design

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