Melissa Wimberley

The Samford Produce

For this assignment I chose a startup company and business plan that I believe my local village is missing. The Samford Produce. For a small country town with surrounding farmland, I was surprised that there was not currently a shop that highlighted or supported our local farmers. Supermarket Giants are dominating the Farming industry and it was a shame that we didn’t have our own Local Shop fighting back.


The Community

The Samford Produce is aligned within the Samford Futures movement. The process aims to gain consensus about a vision for the Valley that reflects the strengths, beliefs, needs and aspirations of the community. It is ‘future making’ rather than ‘future waiting’.
The community is being proactive in shaping its own future. The Samford Produce is one of many local businesses to help establish jobs within the community.


Our Mission

The Samford Produce – a small but humble Produce Store aims to sell fresh, sweet and savory goods to the locals, delivering the produce through our recognizable blue pickup truck as well as in-store and online. The store has an adjoining café that is completely self-sufficient. 


The Launch

The Businesses Launch Event will be held across the road at John Scott Park. Food stalls will be set up with free taste testing for locals to eat, chat and mingle – bringing the community together. 



Billy Blue College of Design
Universtiy Assessment