Places Within

Week two has officially come and gone. Uni is now in full swing, work is crazy hectic and I just witnessed one of my first designs in Print! I absolutely love where I am and couldn’t have asked for a better place to learn and grow as a young creative.

Dave and Cath – the heads and Brains to the business – are wonderful. I don’t feel intimidated to ask the most basic of things, and I am not afraid to ask twice to make sure I understand the task.

Sara, the Project Manager to the Studio is the nurturing soul that helps guide me through the planning of how to manage and document the process from Design Version 1 to the Version 3 and to the Final Design.

Adam, Little Peach Co’s Designer helps me to learn and develop new skills in Illustrator and InDesign that I thought were not even possible (Who knew there was such a thing as Merging Excel Documents into InDesign! I would have typed each Invitation/Envelop all separately!)

And then there’s me! The Intern, The Junior Designer, The Post Run Girl, The Assemble Maker and Coffee Runner. I think I’m already on friendly terms with the Café Owner and Post Office assistant!