Inside the Culture

Today at the Internship more beautiful designs were ready to be scored, assembled, packed and sent on their way to some beautiful couples ready for their big day. There is something really special about foil and letterpress design. It’s the handmade nature that no one of these prints is flawless. That there can be a little smudge or slightly out of place impression that just makes the card more real. That someone has dedicated their time to making something special for you. You can’t get that with laser print.
Sometimes too perfect is boring. There is no character.
It was nice to see my very first template design printed to the clients wishes and to receive their excitement and appreciation about the designs. I don’t think I will ever get over that feeling.

Today was an inane amount of crazy. A lot of running around to and from The Local Print shop, the Post Office and many rounds of coffee later, we were able to get all jobs out and ready for pickup! Woolloongabba has some pretty characteristic buildings. It’s a shame that we feel the need to re-modernize what is old but not broken...

Apart from the days adventures, the most surprising thing I have found so far, is that no-one takes lunch breaks! No-one! Coming from Uni and Retail where a lunch break was expected, I feel like someone stole Christmas. I can’t handle not having two lunches!

Mel xx