In the Studio

To see what started off on the computer to it now being printed right in front of you is a pretty incredible feeling. It’s a feeling I don’t think I will ever get use to.

Today is my second day working as the Intern for Little Peach Co. I was introduced to the WIP, where Cath, Wife and Project Manager prints out a well organized list of all the jobs that are due and what needs to make changes to (I might adopt this method to my own planning). I met Sara who is the account manager and Adam the Graphic Designer. It’s a pretty small team of 5 including myself, but I am learning so much already.

I had a few jobs to do to, like the Lunch Runs, Print Runs, Coffee Runs, Post/Mail runs you name it, but I absolutely love it! This experience is giving me an insight to what it would be like if I were to Freelance.

The studio is nice and cozy, with the shelves displaying previous client works when the clients walk through the door. Straight away your looking at a lovely round table where Sara or Cath would discuss with the client their needs and wants. Behind the half wooden wall are our desks ad computers that lead to the small kitchen. Nice and cozy. Open floor plan to zip around with our wheelie chairs to talk design or debate about who is the more influential Rapper - Eminem or Kayne. How is it even a debate? It's Eminem every time!