Last Day

After a few weeks off while Dave and Cath were away on their wonderful trip to Italy, we are back in the studio and ready to pump out those Invites! I can’t believe its week 9 already! Time flies by when you’re having a ball of a time!

And, it’s my last day as an Intern at Little Peach Co!

I have learned so much and am so grateful that they have allowed me this learning experience with them! I have learnt computer actions and skills that I had no idea even existed on InDesign, I overcame my fear and learnt that Illustrator was not just used to draw outlines, that time management is critical when working for yourself, Daily Task sheets are an absolute must and if I put my mind to it and ignore that self-doubt I can honestly do this!

They all have been so kind and understanding and I absolutely never felt like I was too slow or a burden on them. I thought it was really nice that they took us all out to Lunch together for my last day at Little Peach Co. (Naw!)

But, even on your last day things don’t slow down. Today’s task was about getting everything out. A lot of printing, cleaning, cutting.. Seriously the amount of paper that they go through is enormous. So what do you do with all that paper? You donate it to your Kids Preschool of course! And with some of that spare time, why wouldn’t you design and print for free your local café’s menus and coasters so you can get free coffees and lunches! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!