The Studio Flow

Spending the long weekend damp, sandy and 11 people huddled closely in a tent was not exactly how I imagined my weekend away at the beach, but regardless it was lovely to catch up with some of the most wonderful and down to earth humans.

But we’re already back to reality!
Today consisted of a lot of packaging up orders, postal runs and observing and asking a lot of questions about the 1965 Heidelberg Platen Letterpress, named Bertha. (Isn’t she wonderful!)

Generally when new clients come through the door, Cath (Managing Director) would sit them down and ask what the client is after and have they seen any inspiration that they like. She will take them through the Phonebook of Design Templates Little Peach have done for past clients.

After the client has chosen a template or a custom design, Cath would write up a brief and hand it over to Dave, Adam or myself for alterations. After a few back and forth emails until the client has given the a-ok, the files will be set up and ready for print!

Dave will send over the files to Avon – the Plate maker and within 24 hours we have ‘The Plates.’

Dave will then spend a bit of time in the workshop to make the beautiful letterpress prints. There is a bit of trimming until it comes back to me to score, assemble and package these delights to their new owner!

Its really interesting to see the whole process of how everything is made. From making the Envelop inserts to packaging and assembling soapboxes. The dream of making my own personal stationary really isn’t that far out of reach!

Melissa x