The Expectation

First day down, and many more exciting ones to come!
Today I survived my first day at my Internship Little Peach Co, and I absolutely loved it!

If you haven’t heard of Little Peach Co. (seriously look them up), they are a boutique Letterpress Design studio located down at Woolloongabba, Brisbane, creating custom stationary, wedding invitations, business cards, personal stationary – you name it, they do it!

Though before I was fortunate enough to have acquired this Internship, I had a much greater expectation that I would receive a lot more feedback and responses than I had. I emailed 5 studios yet I only received 3 responding emails, and 2 of them unfortunately could not accommodate me during that time. However my lucky stars were shining my way when Little Peach Co. had responded the following day.


Having already done an internship at a Boutique Fashion Magazine Fashion Weekly and a Copyright studio New Word Order prior to Little Peach, I was more than excited to be at a studio that really encouraged creativity, design and had a lovely approachable environment to learn in. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more.


Husband and Wife team Dave and Cath Atkinson welcomed me with open arms. Showing me around the studio, the workshop and got me to answer a few phone calls (always nerve-racking). I had a full day of learning how to merge Excel spreadsheets and turn them into Wedding Envelop details.


Let’s hope there are opportunities in the near future!


Melissa x