Last Day

After a few weeks off while Dave and Cath were away on their wonderful trip to Italy, we are back in the studio and ready to pump out those Invites! I can’t believe its week 9 already! Time flies by when you’re having a ball of a time!

And, it’s my last day as an Intern at Little Peach Co!

I have learned so much and am so grateful that they have allowed me this learning experience with them! I have learnt computer actions and skills that I had no idea even existed on InDesign, I overcame my fear and learnt that Illustrator was not just used to draw outlines, that time management is critical when working for yourself, Daily Task sheets are an absolute must and if I put my mind to it and ignore that self-doubt I can honestly do this!

They all have been so kind and understanding and I absolutely never felt like I was too slow or a burden on them. I thought it was really nice that they took us all out to Lunch together for my last day at Little Peach Co. (Naw!)

But, even on your last day things don’t slow down. Today’s task was about getting everything out. A lot of printing, cleaning, cutting.. Seriously the amount of paper that they go through is enormous. So what do you do with all that paper? You donate it to your Kids Preschool of course! And with some of that spare time, why wouldn’t you design and print for free your local café’s menus and coasters so you can get free coffees and lunches! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me! 


It’s rare to get a Saturday day off, so when you do make sure you use the most of it! I cold definitely get use to this!

Spend the day over at Glasshouse Mountains with the boyfriend going 4x4 and had an absolute ball! I could definitely get use to this ‘weekend’ thing that people do.

The Studio Flow

Spending the long weekend damp, sandy and 11 people huddled closely in a tent was not exactly how I imagined my weekend away at the beach, but regardless it was lovely to catch up with some of the most wonderful and down to earth humans.

But we’re already back to reality!
Today consisted of a lot of packaging up orders, postal runs and observing and asking a lot of questions about the 1965 Heidelberg Platen Letterpress, named Bertha. (Isn’t she wonderful!)

Generally when new clients come through the door, Cath (Managing Director) would sit them down and ask what the client is after and have they seen any inspiration that they like. She will take them through the Phonebook of Design Templates Little Peach have done for past clients.

After the client has chosen a template or a custom design, Cath would write up a brief and hand it over to Dave, Adam or myself for alterations. After a few back and forth emails until the client has given the a-ok, the files will be set up and ready for print!

Dave will send over the files to Avon – the Plate maker and within 24 hours we have ‘The Plates.’

Dave will then spend a bit of time in the workshop to make the beautiful letterpress prints. There is a bit of trimming until it comes back to me to score, assemble and package these delights to their new owner!

Its really interesting to see the whole process of how everything is made. From making the Envelop inserts to packaging and assembling soapboxes. The dream of making my own personal stationary really isn’t that far out of reach!

Melissa x

Inside the Culture

Today at the Internship more beautiful designs were ready to be scored, assembled, packed and sent on their way to some beautiful couples ready for their big day. There is something really special about foil and letterpress design. It’s the handmade nature that no one of these prints is flawless. That there can be a little smudge or slightly out of place impression that just makes the card more real. That someone has dedicated their time to making something special for you. You can’t get that with laser print.
Sometimes too perfect is boring. There is no character.
It was nice to see my very first template design printed to the clients wishes and to receive their excitement and appreciation about the designs. I don’t think I will ever get over that feeling.

Today was an inane amount of crazy. A lot of running around to and from The Local Print shop, the Post Office and many rounds of coffee later, we were able to get all jobs out and ready for pickup! Woolloongabba has some pretty characteristic buildings. It’s a shame that we feel the need to re-modernize what is old but not broken...

Apart from the days adventures, the most surprising thing I have found so far, is that no-one takes lunch breaks! No-one! Coming from Uni and Retail where a lunch break was expected, I feel like someone stole Christmas. I can’t handle not having two lunches!

Mel xx

Planning the Piece

Plan, Sketch, Prototype and repeat.

With many cups of Tea in-between I have been idolizing many designers through Pinterest and Behance for their attention to Detail and aesthetics. Spending hours upon hours pinning inspiration is probably the worst thing I could have done. Idolizing and then comparing my style and ability can turn your night of tea, candles and motivation into the procrastination and doubt of skills.

Thanks to the Wonderful Tamzen for motivating me out of my wallowing pit of doubt and showed me this Inspiring video!

Presenting my moodboards tomorrow! Let's hope my nature to speak and fumble around improves...

The dream to create beautiful things is only a reality if I make it!

Mel xx


In the Studio

To see what started off on the computer to it now being printed right in front of you is a pretty incredible feeling. It’s a feeling I don’t think I will ever get use to.

Today is my second day working as the Intern for Little Peach Co. I was introduced to the WIP, where Cath, Wife and Project Manager prints out a well organized list of all the jobs that are due and what needs to make changes to (I might adopt this method to my own planning). I met Sara who is the account manager and Adam the Graphic Designer. It’s a pretty small team of 5 including myself, but I am learning so much already.

I had a few jobs to do to, like the Lunch Runs, Print Runs, Coffee Runs, Post/Mail runs you name it, but I absolutely love it! This experience is giving me an insight to what it would be like if I were to Freelance.

The studio is nice and cozy, with the shelves displaying previous client works when the clients walk through the door. Straight away your looking at a lovely round table where Sara or Cath would discuss with the client their needs and wants. Behind the half wooden wall are our desks ad computers that lead to the small kitchen. Nice and cozy. Open floor plan to zip around with our wheelie chairs to talk design or debate about who is the more influential Rapper - Eminem or Kayne. How is it even a debate? It's Eminem every time!

And we're back!

…and we’re back into the comfortable routine called Uni! First day back at Collage and it’s already fast pace from here. I was lucky enough to have previous created my website and personal branding for my Exhibition class last Trimester, so I’m feeling like I’m already ahead of the game. Unfortunately I don’t think my leaves pattern will make the cut this time round. Oh well, the designing part is the fun part :)

Melissa xo

Before the storm

Before I dive back into those assessments and head straight into the new Trimester, I wanted to take some time and create some of my Stipple art. If you’re not sure what Stipple or Pointism art is, its pretty much a thousand dots of a pen that create a picture. This is one I create for my friends 21st. Now to find a purpose for the others I have sitting around my room.


Melissa x